The human behind The Life Planner


Hey! I'm David King, the founder of Prana Planner (I'm the one on the left and my gorgeous fiancée, Madi is on the right).

I’m one of the friendly members of Good Empire, an online platform for change, bringing to life projects and programs to help people change their lives and change the world for good.

Prana Planner is a passion project of mine that began with me deciding to make a life journal to help me plan my own future. As I got deeper into the possibilities of creating this journal and as I realised how incredibly helpful this could be to many people around the world, I found myself fixated on turning this into a comprehensive planner to empower us all to change our lives for the better.

Prana Planner is an ever evolving, living project that I update on a yearly basis, so if you have any feedback, fixes or ideas for The Life Planner, just send me an email using the form below!

If I end up adding your suggestion(s) in next year's edition, I'll credit you and send you the updated edition for free.