Hey there beautiful human!

How have you been lately?

If you’re like me, (Hi, I'm David, nice to meet you!) it's probably a challenge to answer that question. A little bit overworked maybe? Stressed? With a few lovely moments of joy sprinkled in? Are you living each day mindfully?

The Prana Planner helps you build focus, plan your future and track everything along the way. All the while, improving your self-awareness and your understanding of what’s going on in that gorgeous noggin of yours.

With over 200 pages, this printable PDF life journal includes exercises, reflections, goal-setting, intention setting, journaling and tracking. It’s all about helping you create the life you want and living with purpose, passion and intention.

This isn’t just your boring ol’ calendar to remind you when your next coffee date is. This is your chance to write your life like a novel and make it happen, reflecting on and tracking every chapter along the way.

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Key features:

  Lots of space to write in
  Organisation tools
  Thought-provoking writing prompts
  Beautiful and clean layout
  Start any time, use it forever
  100% happiness guarantee
(Not the planner for you? Get a full refund at any time)

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